1. What is freelancing?

Ans.  Freelancing occurs when someone offers his or her services for an agreed period in return for a fee. Freelancers (also known as contractors or service providers) are independent of the businesses or individuals that hire their services. Generally, freelancers work on jobs of a short duration although contract periods do vary in length and can be and are often extended.

2. How to get started?

Ans. Select your technology from technology buckets and selects your skill as per experience from menu. So you can search a project list in technology bucket. In this module, you’ll find projects with selected technology as per your requirements and budgets. If you find your expected project than you can send a request to admin for starting a project.

3. Why should I pay to igotmywork.com?

Ans.  as we are online platform manage by our team so it will cost our company, That is the reason we ask you for the little amount to maintain our product and service which will serve you better in future. In today’s market you will find lots of freelancing company who provides bidding system, but we make sure for our freelancers that they should receive their project without bidding.

4. How do I activate my account?

Ans.  It is easy as you sign up with a free or paid freelancer, you just need to download our application or else you can try at our website, after sign up you can choose your package from drop down list. Free freelancer would not be pay anything while sign up, but if you choose paid freelancer or other 3 options which will charge you as per your service requirement. After successfully sign up Our Company will activate your account within 2 hours.

5. After I done my payment, how long I have to wait for my project?

Ans.  We will try our best to get you project as soon as possible, but if not possible because of heavy traffic on our portal than we need maximum 3 months to provide you project according to your skill and we assure that we gives you 100% work from our side as per our commitment.

7. How do I get my project?

Ans.  As we have technology bucket option in your account you can find project as per your skill. You can select project according to your skill and request for it from technology bucket. After that our admin will approve your request. (1 week) And you can show your approved project in project bucket option with your account.

8. Who will guide me while I work from home for this freelancing project?

Ans.  Our support team will be there for you. And we also offers live chat during our working time if you find any queries you can contact us with 3 options. • Ask to experts (you can share your computer screen with our expert developers for resolve your queries online.) • Offline support (after our working hours you can find an option “support” which will help you to create a ticket and we will get back to you in our working hours.) • Live chat (you can find in your dashboard “live chat” option. You can ask your query with our support team.)

9. What is the budget and deadline for one project?

Ans.  As we have various project with different technology. However you select project as per your skill you will get different budget and deadline.

10. How do I get payment after finishing my project?

Ans.  After finishing your project as per our policy, our technical team testing your project and if it’s bugs free and as per client requirement than you can send release money option from my earn money tab. After that our admin will release your invoice and you will receive project fees in your bank account and you can find details about your fees in your account “earn money” option at dashboard. We will provide you receipt also.