Terms & Condition

We are India’s First Freelancer Portal and We are giving the Service of Freelancers and Company, Freelancer can get the project from our portal with Paid membership and Company can Post the Project and get the Project from our Portal so basically we are multitasking mediates Portal which can revolute the information & communication industry. Terms of Services as Under

There is 4 category in our portal which can use by user in our portal

Free Freelancer
Paid Freelancer

This 4 Category Used by user with our policy like as under

1.  Free Freelancer can use our Free Services they don’t need to pay anything, after successfully understand our services than he can Upgrade his account in other 3 Paid membership
2.  In Paid Membership we bound to give them Project on our portal while them membership duration. Attest one project in membership time we are committed them,
3.  In any dispute found with our user than our support team available 24*7 to help them and after all our policy we are bound to serve them better way.
4.  If incase we are fail to serve them as per our policy than they can raise a ticket for refund and we can refund if it is not covered in our refund policy
5.  User must have follow the company policy to get best service from us.
6.  In support we are bound to give them maximum 7 working days for resolution his query.
7.  Project assign by our team as per them skill and achievement, if user don’t get any project while his membership than he can raise a tikit for solution and if incase we don’t have project in his criteria than user cant asking for refund while his membership time. If we are failing to give single project in membership time than we are assure to give them compensate his money of membership.
8.  If incase user fail to develop project in given timeline than company can refuse his payment even user can choose milestone payment method, in this user can take payment per milestone.
9.  Any query related terms & condition you can write us on support@igotmywork.com